This project began in January 2004 while I was attending graduate school in Virginia.  At first, this site was an attempt to catalog and place on-line the various historical markers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  At the time, there was no comprehensive on-line resource for this information.  I since have expanded the site to include markers from other states.  This project has since been incorporated into my photography business where I specialize in assignment and stock photography on a variety of topics including TravelUSA's National Parks and Sports. More about my work is available through a more complete bio.

Markers are presented with their photograph, description, location and map.  Many localities maintain their own historic marker programs, depicting the histories of local people, events, and communities -- as discovered, these markers are included on this site as well.  Markers are named and numbered based on their state, location and/or order of discovery.  For example, Virginia organizes their markers based (generally) on the road in which they were placed (A-series markers on US 11, W-series on US250, etc.)  This system was established in the late 1920's and over time, there have been several exceptions to this very general rule.  Other states, such as West Virginia and Louisiana have no obvious numbering system -- in this case, I have simply named the marker in the order that I found it (i.e. WV-001, WV-002, etc.).

Today in Marker History