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Keywords landmark historic marker Reedy Fork Trestle North Carolina located 1 mile N/E the trestle skirmish Confederate troops Pennsylvania Cavalry commanded Major A.B. Garner detached General Stoneman destroy short fight federal detachment accomplished mission Confederate President Jefferson Davis cabinet members Greensborough travel United States of America United States America USA US North Carolina NC history historical historical marker famous highway popular place of interest tourist attraction tourist destination travel destination tour tourism tourist attraction destination sign American day daytime vertical education historical site outdoors outside road roadside roadsign nobody no people signs and symbols text information displayed letters historic attractions display Confederate fifteenth Salem NC Wonston Guilford County historic marker historic site outdoor sign with text Caption Reedy Fork Trestle - Located 1 mile N/E the trestle was the scene of a skirmish between Confederate troops and a portion of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry commanded by Major A.B. Garner. Detached by General Stoneman, who was located near Wonston - Salem. N. C., the Fifteenth was ordered to destroy the trestle. After a short fight the Federal detachment accomplished it's mission unaware that a train carrying Confederate President Jefferson Davis and cabinet members to Greensborough had crossed only one hour earlier.