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Keywords marker Great Yellow Fever Epidemic cemetery Savannah Georgia victims 1820 buried 700 Savannahians died local physicians caring stricken epidemics 1854 Savannah Benevolent Association organized aid fever victims historic attractions United States US historical marker Chatham County landmark historic travel United States of America America USA GA history historical famous highway popular place of interest tourist attraction tourist destination travel destination tour tourism tourist attraction destination sign American day daytime vertical education historical site outdoors outside road roadside roadsign nobody no people signs and symbols text information displayed letters display Benevolent Association Caption In this cemetery many victims of the Great Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1820 were buried. Nearly 700 Savannahians died that year, including two local physicians who lost their lives caring for the stricken. Several epidemics followed. In 1854 The Savannah Benevolent Association was organized to aid the families of the fever victims.