WY-004 Wyoming Winds

Marker text: Wyoming's Wildlife - Wyoming Winds - This site lies at the northern-most extent of the Snowy Range Mountains, a spot where the high mountain peaks end and the winds begin. Winds here may exceed 70 miles per hour at times, blowing winter snows, leaving ridges and slopes bare and exposing grasses and shrubs to provide food for elk, mule deer and pronghorn antelope. Elk and mule deer migrate from the high mountain summer ranges to these foothills and basins to winter. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has acquired 12.870 acres of the wind blown slopes and basins along Wagonhound Creek to protect and maintain this crucial winter range. The exposed vegetation provides important winter forage for elk, mule deer, and antelope. These animals require both food and cover to survive the harsh winter conditions. Winter range in Wyoming is in critically short supply. If significant numbers of animals are to survive, winter range must be protected. These winter ranges are managed to provide a balance of vegetation, including grasses and shrubs to provide forage and conifers to provide cover from wind, sun and heat loss during cold periods. Wind and man interact on the land to free and protect your wildlife resource. As you travel, keep in mind the Wyoming wind is a friend!

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