VA-K12 Faris (Ferris) Station

Marker text: Faris (Ferris) Station
About two miles east of Moccasin Gap, Elisha Faris (Ferris) in 1787 obtained 116 acres on both sides of the Moccasin Creek. He and his family settled in the area about 1782 and their home became a stop on the Wilderness Road. On 26 Aug. 1791, Bob Benge, also known as "Chief Benge" and "Capt. Bench," and other Native Americans raided the Faris property and killed, Elisha Faris, his wife, and a couple other family members. Benge conducted raids in the region and other neighboring states during an extended period of conflict in response to attacks on Cherokee communities in the South.
Department of Historic Resources, 2004

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