VA-V41 Governors Land

Marker text: GOVERNOR'S LAND

Situated near Jamestown, Governor's Land originally was a 3,000-acre tract encompassing open fields between the James River and Powhatan Creek. The Virginia Company of London set the parcel aside in 1618 to seat tenants who worked the land, giving half the profits to maintain the office of the governor. Deputy Governor Samuel Argall had already established a private settlement of Argall's Town in these environs in 1617. Virginia governors alos leased the property to others. Colonial leaders including William Drummond, governor of the Carolina proprietary (1665-1667) and an insurgent in Bacon's Rebellions of 1676 held lease-holds here. Portions of tract provided income to Virginia's governors into the 18th century.

Department of Historic Resources, 2002

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