VA-K242 Basses Choice

Marker text: BASSE'S CHOICE

In Nov. 1621, Capt. Nathaniel Basse received a grant of 300 acres of land, now known as Basse's Choice, located nearby. It was one of the first English settlements in Isle of Wight County, though humans had lived there more than 5000 years. On Mar. 1622, during the Powhatan-English War of 1622-1632, attacks coordinated by Chief Opechancanough struck various English settlements including Basse's Choice. Basse was in England when this event occurred. He resettled the region by 1624, when twenty people lived there. Basse later served in the House of Burgesses and was appointed to the governor's council in Mar. 1630.

Department of Historic Resources, 2000

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