VA-W3 Charles City Road


This strategically important road ran from the Williamsburg Road southeast past White's Tavern, across White Oak Swamp, and into the Riddell's Shop intersection with the Long Bridge and Darbytown roads, eight miles distant. As Gen. Robert E. Lee's forces converged on Riddell's Shop on 29-30 June 1862 to cut off Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan's retreating Union army. Maj. Gen. Benjamin Huger's Confederate division moved along the Charles City Road, which had been obstructed by felled trees. After marching to within three miles of Riddell's Shop on 29 June, Huger failed to advance or to take part in the Battle of Glendate on 30 June. He was relieved of command on 12 July.

Department of Historic Resources, 1994

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