VA-V3 Curles Neck and Bremo


Curles Neck may take its name from the curls of the river or a family of that name. Richard Cocke, the Immigrant, patented land along the James River on the eastern side of the neck in 1636. There he built Bremo, the seat of the Cocke family for six generations. A descendant, John Hartwell Cock, relocated the family seat to Upper Bremo, in Fluvanna County, early in the 19th century. In 1674 Nathanial Bacon, Jr., the Rebel, settled on Curles Neck. In 1676 Bacon led a rebellion against the royal governor, Sir William Berkeley. With the failure of Bacon's Rebellion, some of his land was seized by the Crown to defray the costs of suppressing the rebellion. William Randolph purchase 480 acres of Bacon's land on Curles Neck in 1700.

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