VA-PA159 Glendale (Fraysers Farm)


In this vicinity, the Union Army of the Potomac made a stand on 30 June 1862, during its retreat from the Chickahominy River toward the James River. Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan posted several Union divisions facing east and north to protect this intersection, known locally as Riddell's Shop. In the ensuing battle, Confederate divisions commanded by Major Generals James Longstreet and A.P. Hill attacked the Union divisions of Brig. Gen. George A. McCall and Maj. Gen. Philip Kearney. The action became hand-to-hand, the two side fighting with bayonets while they struggled for possession of the Union artillery stationed nearby. Late in the battle, McCall was captured near here by soldiers of the 47th Virginia Infantry. The Union line held, enabling McClellan to continue his retreat.

Department of Historic Resources, 1994.

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