ZZ-FC002 Taylors Tavern

Marker text: TAYLOR'S TAVERN

Two-story building with verandahs stood on 56 acres bought in 1856 by Wm. Taylor (part of 1731 271 T. Harrison Grant). Tavern faced Alexandria-Leesburg Pike west of junction with Georgetown Road (Wilson Blvd.). Near here on June 21, 1861, balloonist Thadeus Lowe conducted first aerial reconnaissance in U.S. military history. In August-September CSA Col. J.E.B. Stuart's troops fortified Upton's and Munson's Hills. By October 1861 Union troops had reoccupied hills and added Forts Taylor, Buffalo, and Ramsay as a separate group 4-5 miles west of Main ring of Washington Defenses.

City of Falls Church

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