VA-S37 Eleazar Clay

Marker text: ELEAZAR CLAY

Eleazar Clay (1744-1836) led the establishment of the first Baptist church in Chesterfield County, known as Chesterfield (Baptist) Church, Rehoboth Meeting House, or Clay's Church, in 1773. He also supported the Baptist preachers imprisoned for breaching ecclesiastical law in the county jail in 1771. Ordained as a minister in 1775, Clay preached for more than 50 years, organized three other churches, served as a moderator for the Middle District Baptist Association when it was formed in 1784, and published <i>Hymns and Spiritual Songs</i> in 1793. Clay is kinsman of statesman Henry Clay (1777-1852). Elezar Clay's home site and tomb are located approximately two miles south.

Department of Historic Resources, 2002

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