ZZ-CC012 Blanks Crossroads


This intersection of the Old Main Road, or Ridgepath, and the road from Soanes Bridge to Kennons, derives its name from an eigthteenth-century tavern owned by the Blanks family. Blanks Tavern was one of a few licensed ordinaries in colonial Charles City County. Other landmarks have included an Oldfield school, Manoah Baptist Church (1848-1933) and the first Methodist Meeting House (est. 1791), also known as Charles City Chapel. Prominent area homes have included Ballardsville and Sunnyside, the home of Charles City County physician Dr. Gideon Christian. Soldiers Rest, the home of Revolutionary War soldier "Fighting Joe Christian," was also located in this vicinity. Area resident Lemuel E. Babcock was Charles City County's delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1867 and William Page, a freedman, became a major landowner here in the years after the Civil War.

Charles City County, Virginia

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