ZZ-CC010 Holdcroft

Marker text: HOLDCROFT

The Chickahominy Indians resided near here along the river that bears their name. This area was part of Wilmington Parish and James City County before 1720. In the 1800s the community acquired the anme of the Holdcroft family. Mt. Pleasant Church (est. 1813) was established here by members of Charles City Baptist Church (est. 1776). Rev. John M. Lamb was a prominent minister who served Mt. Pleasant from 1853 until ca. 1878. Other landmarks have included Holdcroft High School, a post office (1880-1953), Binns Store, Orange's Store and the office of Dr. Davis. Graves Landing and Willcox Neck provided river crossings to James City and New Kent counties. The upper ferry known as Edloes and Cowles Ferry was also the site of a colonial era ordinary. Early plantations included Peace Hill and Pottersfield. Prominent residences of the area include Pleasant Hill, Sidlands and the homes of the Parsons and Orange families.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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