ZZ-CC009 Mt. Zion & Rustic

Marker text: MT. ZION & RUSTIC

These communities were established on opposite banks of Morris Creek, earlier known as Tanks Pasbye hayes the Indian name, Moyses Creek after Theodore Moyses who patented land there, and as Moses Creek. Before 1720 this area was part of James City County and Wallingford Parish. During the 1700s several homes of the Dancy family stood nearby. Micah Church (est. 1850) and the post office at Appearson's Store (1850-71), later the store of Graham Walker, Sr., were also located in this area. Mt. Zio Church moved here in the 1880s from a location along present-day Route 5 and the present architecture was erected on the site of El Bethel Methodist Church. Local schools included Walkers and Mt. Zion. The surviving schoolhouse was built in 1915 through the efforts of the Home Mission Society. A landing on the Chickahominy River was known as Little Egypt. Prominent homes are located north of Morris Creek include Eagles Nest, Cary Hill, Forest Level and Mt. Airy, a seat of the Southall family. South of Morris Creek were located Flowery Hill, Haystack and Pigs Point.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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