ZZ-CC007 Sturgeon Point & Kennons


Kennons originally took its name from the plantation of the Kennon family. Kennons Creek, earlier known as David Jones Creek, served as a boundary for the earlier Wallingford Parish. Kennons Landing was the terminus for the Meadow Road, as well as rail lines which carried cut timber to the river. Landmarks of Kennons have included Fort Pocahontas, a brickyard and the post offices of Kennons (est. 1850), Wilson's Landing (1865-79) and Sturgeon Point (est. 1879). The area also included two schools and the Order of St. Luke Hall. Prominent homes in this area have included Cambridge, Farmers Rest, Farmington, Milton, Sherwood Forest, Sellwood, Stonehenge and Lion's Den, home of Lyon G. Tyler, President of the College of William and Mary. Members of the Major family of Oak Hill served as Clerk of the Court and Sheriff. Reverend George Washington Marrow (1848-1926), a freedman, was a prominent minister who resided in this area.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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