ZZ-CC005 Weyanoke & Parrish Hill


The Weanoc Indians gave this area its name. The Minge family settled much of the Weyanoke peninsula during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Landmarks have included Weyanoke Parish Church, Tyler's Mill, a steamboat landing, a post office at Yeardley's and St. Thomas Chapel (1845-1922) of Westover Parish, later known as Mapsico Church, the second sanctuary being built in 1856. Prominent area homes include Kittiewan, North Bend, Upper Weyanoke and Weyanoke. The Parrish Hill community, also known as Jamestown, developed along the creek named for the Parrish family. Community landmarks have included Parrish Hill Church (est. 1873) and Parrish Hill School (est. 1874), whose 1917 building was constructed with the assistance of the Rosenwald Fund. Area homes have included Edge Hill and Burlington, built by the Major family and later the home of John Munford Gergory, Governor of Virginia (1842-43). The area also includes the archaeological landmark site of the home of Aaron Hilton, a freedman renowed for his knowledge of the care of sheep.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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