ZZ-CC004 New Hope & Court House


Since the establishment of the Court House during the mid-eigtheenth century, this area has served as a community center for the entire county. During the Revolution and Civil War the area was the site of military encampments. A tavern built in the colonial era was destroyed by fire and replaced by a house and store first owned by the Nances and later the Majors. Landmarks in the Court House area have included a blacksmith shop, county jail, post office (est. 1803), Hubbard's Store, Greenway School, Charles City County School (est. 1820) and Charles City High School (est. 1924). Prominent area homes include Greenway, Mons Sacre, Wood Park and the Brown-Jones House. The area east of the Glebe Creek was known as New Hope. Area landmarks have included the store of Fielding Lewis, the Glebe Lane School, Waddill's Mill and Haupt's Store, earlier known as Major's Store. Prominent area homes include Belle Air, "The Glebe" of Westover Parish, Little Glebe, Bush Hill, the home of several doctors and Millford, the home of Edmund Waddill, a longtime Clerk of the Court.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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