ZZ-CC001 Wayside & Granville


Wayside was settled after 1613 as a part of West and Shirley Hundred. Landmarks have included St. John's Church, established 1897 by the Rev. John Jones, a post office at Shirley Mill. In 1921 the Wayside Community Club assisted in erecting a new building for the Wayside School (est. 1895). Two earlier schools in the area were closed following the Nat Turner insurrection. Prominent area homes include Dogham, Eppes Island, High Hills, Shirley, Upper Shirley, Riverview and Westberry, in this area stood the Forest, "The Wedding Place" of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Wayles Skelton. Granville, once known as Mt. Prospect was served by the post office of Granville Mills (1804-22), Malvern (1836) and Hardens (1877-85). Landmarks have included the Haxall Saw Mill, Gills Store, Grace Chapel (est. 1890) of Westover Parish, Granville School, Millwood School and the Kings Daughters Fresh Air Camp. Prominent area homes include Granville and Hardens.

Charles City County, Virginia.

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