VA-M31 William Branch Giles


Noted lawyer and statesman William Branch Giles was born 12 Aug. 1762 in Amelia County and educated at Hampton-Sydney College, Princeton, and the College of William and Mary. Giles served Virginia in the United States House of Representatives (1790-1798 and 1801-1803) and in the U.S. Senate (1804-1815), where he was a cheif Republican ally of Thomas Jefferson during the Republican and Federalist party debates of that era. Giles was elected governor by the General Assembly in 1827 and served until 1830. He participated in the state constituional convention of 1829-1830. Giles died 4 Dec. 1830 in Amelia County and is buried near the Wigwam, his house, which stands to the northwest on Rte. 637.

Department of Historic Resources, 2002

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