TX-5311 The Community of Huckabay


In 1875 a small group of pioneers from Arkansas and Tennessee acquired land here on the headwaters of the Bosque, starting the "Flat Woods" settlement. Confederate veteran John Copeland (1841-86) taught the first local school sessions (1876,1877) in his home, and gave land (1879) for a cemetery and (1883) for school. A Church of Christ congregation was formed in 1876. G. W. Glenn opened the first store in 1878. Baptist and Methodist churches were founded in 1881.

John Huckabay, a farmer-storekeeper who brought the settlers' mail from Stephenville, led in securing a post office (1888), which was named for him. He was postmaster in 1888-91 and 1893-95. By 1890, town had general stores, groceries, drugstores, 2 blacksmiths, barber shops, an undertaker; and later (briefly) a bank. John Huckabay and W. C. Rigsby opened a cotton gin, 1891.

C. H. Hale, an outstanding teacher, founded (1902) the Huckabay Academy, a high school that later offered college courses. It is said the Academy won every debate, oratory event, and athletic contest it ever entered. It closed in 1914. The village dwindled in changing economic and travel conditions. The school, churches, cemetery, and tabernacle became focus for the community. The post office closed in 1965.


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