SD-005 Sandstone Architecture of Hot Springs, SD


The site of Hot Springs was occupied before white men ever came to the area by tribal peoples for the "curative" benefits of the mineral springs. The constant 97 - 98 degree waters became the basis for the Thriving resort town. Numerous bathhouses, sanitariums and luxurious hotels were built to host the thousands of people visiting to bathe in or drink from the warm springs. One of the men, a leading entrepreneur of the time who helped to build the town and ensure its growth was Fred T. Evans.

In 1891-92 Mr. Evans built the Evans Hotel, the grand five-story structure that still stands as a centerpiece in town. The hotel had furnishings imported from Europe, electric lights and warm water piped in for steam heat and baths. On the grounds were golf links, tennis courts and bathhouse connected to the hotel by an enclosed passageway.

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