MA-010 Salem Village Meeting House - 1672


Directly across from this site was located the original Salem Village Meeting House where civil and military meetings were held, and ministers including George Burroughs, Deodat Lawson, and Samuel Parris preached.

The infamous 1692 witchcraft hysteria began in this neighborhood. On March 1 accused witches Sarah Good, Sarah Osburn, and Tituba were interrogated in the Meeting House amidst the horrific fits of the Òafflicted ones.Ó Thereafter numerous others were examined including Martha Cory, Rebecca Nurse, Bridget Bishop, Giles Cory, and Mary Esty. Many dire, as well as heroic deeds transpired in the Meeting House.

In 1702 the Meeting House was abandoned, dismantled and removed to this site until the lumber Òdecayed and became mixed with the soil.Ó

In 1992 a memorial was erected here to honor the witchcraft victims, and to remind us that we must forever confront intolerance and Òwitch-huntsÓ with integrity, clear vision, and courage.

Danvers Preservation Commission, 1992

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