GA-117-101 The Town Well Shelter


This well shelter was probably built in 1839 when James Wright fulfilled his contract to dig a new well and build a well shelter on the public square for one hundred and fifty dollars. In 1902 a public drinking fountain was installed on the public square and the well was filled in. At that time the well shelter was removed from the public square and at the request of Hampton C. Walker the well shelter was placed over the well located on the property line between Òthe old Adam Hafner HouseÓ and Òthe old Dan OÕSullivan House,Ó the Òmiddle of the wellÓ having been the property line between the two lots since 1817. Years later W. Wingfield Walker, through inheritance from his father Hampton C. Walker, owned both lots and sold them. The well, a landmark of long standing, was filled in when the present Radio Station was constructed in 1962. The well shelter, having sustained only minor alterations and repairs over the years, was removed at the request of W. Wingfield Walker to Turner Park.

Marker Erected April 1985 by Uncle Remus Museum, Inc.

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