GA-108-1 Oconee County

Marker text: OCONEE COUNTY

This County, created by Act of the Legislature February 25, 1875, is named for the Oconee River which forms its eastern boundary. In 1801 Watkinsville was made County Site of Clarke County but in 1875 the Clarke County Site was changed to Athens. As a result indignant local citizens brought about the formation of Oconee County with Watkinsville as County Site. Among the first County Officers were: Sheriff Weldon M. Price, Clerk of Superior Court Jas. M.A. Johnson, Ordinary James R. Lyle, Tax Receiver David M. White, Tax Collector Robert R. Murray, Treasurer Thomas Booth, Coroner James Maulden and Surveyor Wm. E. Elder.

Georgia Historical Commission, 1954

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