GA-97-2 Crawford Long Birthsite

Marker text: Crawford Long Birthsite

Dr. Crawford W. Long who first used ether as an anesthetic, in a surgical operation at Jefferson, Georgia, March 30, 1842, was born in a house that stands about 1 block from here. Dr. Long, born November 1, 1815, was barely 27 when he performed the famous operation on James Venable to remove a neck tumor. He attended Franklin College (U. of Ga.) obtaining his M.A. at 19. He roomed with "Little Alec" Stephens, future Vice President of the Confederacy. He received his M.D. at University of Pennsylvania in 1839 and moved to Jefferson in 1841. He died June 16, 1878 and is buried in Athens.

097-2 Georgia Historical Commission 1955

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