GA-25-15 James Habersham

Marker text: James Habersham

Here rests James Habersham - associate of George Whitefield and a leading merchant, planter, and public servant during Georgia`s colonial era.

Mr. Habersham came to the colony in 1738 as a youthful follower of the Rev. Whitefield and collaborated with that eminent divine in the founding of Bethesda orphanage. he successfully administered the affairs of that institution during its early years. He established, in 1744, what developed into the most important commercial house in the Province, and became one of Georgia`s largest planters.

During the colonial period he ably filled a number of important public positions, including provincial Secretary; President of His Majesty's Council for Georgia, and acting Governor of the Province during the absence of Sir James Wright, 1771-1773.

Though he disapproved Parliament's oppressive acts, Habersham remained firmly loyal to the Crown. Universally respected, he died, while visiting in New Jersey, August 28, 1775 -- his last days darkened by the shadow of the impending Revolutionary struggle which arrayed, in his words and in his own case, "father against son, and son against father."

025-15 Georgia Historical Commission 1953

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