GA-25-006 1812 Wesley Chapel

Marker text: 1812 Wesley Chapel

Savannah Methodism's first church building was erected on this corner of Lincoln and South Broad (now Oglethorpe) streets in 1812 by its first pastor, Rev. James Russell.

Bishop Francis Asbury preached twice in Wesley Chapel on November 21, 1813. In 1819-20 under the preaching of William Capers the membership grew rapidly, and in 1821 John Howard enlarged the building to care for 100 new members. By 1848 this "good, neat house, sixty by forty feet", became too small; at a new location its successor, Trinity, was built. Among the early pastors of Wesley Chapel were James O. Andrew. George F. Pierce, Ignatius A. Few, and Thomas L. Wynn.

Savannah Area Methodist Heritage Society Ð 1977
South Georgia Conference Commission on Archives and History

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