GA-005-1B Old Governors Mansion


Completed in 1838, The Executive Mansion was the fifth and last resident occupied by Georgia governors when Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia. The Palladian-inspired structure is considered one of the most perfect examples of Georgian architecture in America. Charles B. Cluskey designed The Mansion and Timothy Porter of Farmington, Connecticut, was the builder.

The ten governors who occupied The Mansion were George R. Gilmer, Charles J. McDonald, George W. Crawford, George W. Towns, Howell Cobb, Herschel V. Johnson, Joseph E. Brown, James Johnson, Charles J. Jenkins and Brigadier-General Thomas H. Ruger. The last held office under orders of General George H. Meade. In November 1864, The Mansion served briefly as General William T. ShermanÕs headquarters.

In 1868 the capital was moved from Milledgeville to Atlanta. Since 1890 The Mansion has been the home of Georgia College presidents. The two lower floors are open to the public.

Georgia Historical Commission, 1968

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