CA-MAR001 Whitlock Mining District

Marker text: Whitlock Mining District
This monument is located in the Whitlock Mining District, which is on the eastern Mother Lode gold vein and includes the Colorado, Sherlock Creek and the Whiskey Flat Areas. Placer and Lode mining began in 1849. 49er's Lafayette Bunnell, Champlin Spencer, Thomas Whitlock and John Sherlock and a monte dealer from Quartzburg have all been credited with being the sole discoverer of the rich gold deposits.
Over 70 lode mines such as the Buffalo Champion 2, Colorado, Diltz, Geary, Golden Key, King Solomon, Landrum, Nutmeg, Our Chance, Permit, Schroeder, Spread Eagle and Whitlock have been recorded in the district since the 1850's. With several of them operating stamp mills, including a 20 stamp battery at the Whitlock Mine, post offices opened in the towns of Colorado in 1858 and Whitlock in 1899.
In 1932 a mass specimen gold weighing 52 pounds (Troy) was taken at the Diltz mine, it yielded 43 pounds, 2 ounces of gold. Midpines was started as a resort lodge in 1926 by Newell Chamberlain, who authored "The Call of Gold" and became the community's first postmaster in 1929. The mining towns of Whitlock, Colorado, and Sherlock no longer exist.
Dedicated by Matuca Chapter 1849, E. Clampus Vitus, Apr. 5, 2008 (6013) Credo Quia Absurdum

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